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Lower Big Sandy Creek
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Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon--And the Journey of a Generation
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Panic in Level 4: Cannibals, Killer Viruses, and Other Journeys to the Edge of Science
A Heartbeat and a Guitar: Johnny Cash and the Making of Bitter Tears
The Last of His Kind: The Life and Adventures of Bradford Washburn, America's Boldest Mountaineer
The Violin Maker: A Search for the Secrets of Craftsmanship, Sound, and Stradivari
The God Delusion
When You Are Engulfed in Flames
Lush Life: A Biography of Billy Strayhorn
Breakfast at Tiffany's
One Hundred Years of Solitude
Brave New World
The Handmaid's Tale
The Hobbit: Or There and Back Again
Ender's Game
Song of Solomon
The Piano Shop on the Left Bank:  The Hidden World of a Paris Atelier
Practicing: A Musician's Return to Music

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The Man Who Loved Books Too Much: The True Story of a Thief, a Detective, and a World of Literary ObsessionThe Man Who Loved Books Too Much: The True Story of a Thief, a Detective, and a World of Literary Obsession by Allison Hoover Bartlett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a quick and fascinating read. As many of the member of GoodReads.com can probably attest a book can be an alluring object and book collecting can take many forms, but only in a few occasions does the obsession lead to outright theft. Having been fascinated with personal libraries my whole adult life; this book seemed written for me. Whenever I am privilege enough to visit someoneís personal library I always check out their bookshelves because they can be so revealing. My house is similarly filled with books that speak of my interests, associations, hobbies, and desires, and I love to pull out books to share with friends. A recent favorite located last Christmas at the Borders book store is "Naked Girls Smoking Weed". I like the book more for the story behind my finding it at the Mahwah, NJ Boarders Books Store the week before Christmas last year, than for anything specifically interesting in the book itself. I remember the mischievous guilt I felt sitting on the floor paging through it while mom's and kids full of holiday cheer (sacrcasm) were busily trudging around looking for last minute holiday gifts. I also love the surprise on people faces when I show them the book and tell them I bought it at Borders; it just seems so out of character for a mainstream seller. There's also something in your face obvious about this book; it is like every rebellious young mans unconscious dream. Just as it's title suggests, it simply pictures of naked women smoking marijuana in various settings. How come I didn't think of this, this is someoneís stroke of genius. Duh!

I often think of my bookshelf a kind of personal bibliography. I am not sure what "Naked Girls Smoking Weed" says about me but at least I can say it's not representative of my collection. I have even made sculptures out of books that toy with the idea of accumulated knowledge and information. While reading this book I thought of the many times I read Walter Benjaminís Unpacking my Library: A Talk about Book Collecting, and more recently Umberto Eco's The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana, whose main character is an antiquarian bookseller. This subject is just so rich, I am sorry the book ended.

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MyOptic - A Visual Record of a Journey
Climbing Mount Sneffels

At 14,158 feet it's the 27th Highest Peak in Colorado. It is
located in the Mount Sneffels Wilderness of the northern
San Juan Mountains, outside the town of Ouray.
The primary route to the summit follows a creek bed up
from Yankee Boy Basin, this however was our descent
route. A secondary route follows a ridge line to the summit
from the saddle of Blue Lakes Pass. We ascended along
the more exposed ridgeline.
Mount Sneffels is one of the most photographed mountains
in Colorado.
Flying to the Grand Canyon
September 9, 2008

Pete picked me up in Denver and after a day of waiting at
the airport for the skies to clear we finally started the flight
to the Grand Canyon airport before dawn. Pete had packed
bikes and we rode the final miles into the park and up to the
rim. We hiked a short way down the canyon and back
before nightfall. After a very satisfying diner in the lodge
restaurant we headed back to the campsite we had
established while riding in that morning. We awoke well
before dawn to the sound of bugling elk and rode the bikes
back to the airport in the dark that morning. We were back
at the Animus Airpark just in time for Pete to start work.
Pocono Steep Creekin'
November 1, 2008

The Poconos is home to some of the best steep creeking
in the North East. Runs such as Shohola Falls and Gorge,
Raymondskill Creek, and other hidden gems that shall
remain unnamed are pool drop heaven gorged into the
Delaware River Valley's ancient stone.
Steep and technical with many drops it's constant and high
pitched whitewater heaven .
Running My First Class IV Creek.
Lower Big Sandy Creek in Rockville, WV
Cheat Fest weekend 2008

Its time for the Cheat Festival again and I am fondly
remembering last spring when with much rain and high
water levels many paddlers took the opportunity to run the
Lower Big Sandy. Due to the generosity of Wayne Gman
who agreed to guide me, the Lower Big Sandy became my
first Class IV run.

Boof & Rally
One Weekend, Three Rivers, and a League of Extraordinary

Labor Day Weekend 2008

The Bottom Moose - Moose, NY

The Black - Watertown, NY

The Beaver River - Beaver, NY

Hole Brothers 2008

KCCNY & AMC Friends

Black River
Watertown, NY

Hole Brothers - Watertown, NY
June 15, 2007

The pictures included in this volume document the activities
on one wave over a one hour period. It was late in the
afternoon on Saturday the 21st of July 2007, and the action
was on the wave commonly known as Hole Brothers,
located on the Black River in Watertown, NY.

Come share the ride.
Kayakers: Jack Moskowitz, Ellen Moskowitz, Steve
McLuckie, Scott Sail, Ram Tripathi, Fergus Coffey,
Derek Snyder, Chris Gragtmans, and Tino Specht.

Winging It West

On November 27, Thanksgiving morning 2008, Dad and I
woke up early and drove to the Airport in Warwick, NY. We
pulled the plane out of the hanger where it had been stored
overnight to keep the frost off. Just before sunrise we
commenced our journey west. The plan was to try and
make to it Durango in two days, flying a southern route
through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky,
Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, through Texas and skirting
New Mexico while avoiding the highest mountains as we
cross into Southern Colorado.
Desert Flying

We navigated to Window Rock AZ, the seat of the
government of the Navajo Nation. After lunching in
Window Rock we continued flying for the rest of the day
site seeing over Canyon de Chelly National Monument,
Monument Valley Utah, and the Goosenecks of the San
Juans by Mexican Hat Utah. We continued over Soda
Springs, Utah for a spectacular view of the otherworldly
terrain of the San Juan Canyon. We ended the day flying
over Mesa Verde as we headed back to Durango.
The Durango and Silverton - Narrow Gauge

Along a spectacular 45-mile route between Durango and
Silverton a narrow gauge railroad was cut into a remote
and treacherous landscape as a means of extracting the
valuable mineral being mined in the majestic San Juan
Mountains. From the start the Silverton Branch, as it was
known at the time, was recognized for its unequaled
access to the fantastic vistas of the San Juan Mountains
and the roaring beauty of the Animus River. The railroad is
literally cut and hung along the Animus River Gorge.
Life & Death

The full cycle of life is played out every day
On My Doorstep

In and Around Milford
Castle Antigues
In and Around NYC

From Above

Pete has picked his way around the skies of Colorado and
the Four Corners Region for a while now, but it is his
terrestrial, literally hands-on experience that really lends
weight to his descriptions of the terrain we witness from
above. Through rock and ice climbing, skiing, hiking and
biking, Pete has collected an intimate and learned
understanding of the landscape only a passionate few will
ever attain.
Seeing these features from the sky provides a perspective
that greatly extends and deepens ones understanding of
scale and proximity.
MyOptic - A Visual Record of a Journey
by Andrew Ludke
57 Hope

Art, Sculpture, Installations, Paitings, and other stuff.

Floating the Battenkill River
Arlington, VT

Crazy Eight +

An awesome group of people, perfect weather, fall colors
and a pristine river happened to conspire during a
meandering paddle through farmfeilds and mountains. How
blessed I feel to share these experiences with them.


It is an understatemen t to say I am fortunate. I have an
awesone famlily. My parents, siblings and grand parents
each and everyone is amazing in their own unique way.

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Canyon Lands
In and Around Milford
Panoramas of MIlford PA and the Surrounding Area

Cross Merge Part : Paths I have brushed.

I have crossed paths with many people. Some as glancing
blows others were breif interludes and fewer merged for
long periods before parting again. Some of those who
touched my life most deeply are honored here.


I work for a mad genius along with thousands of smart dedicated and fun professionals. Crestron is
an amazing place with strong company spirit, traditions, values, and pride.
This is a tribute to all who make Crestron an awesome place to work.
Ah, yes, back at the Meadowlands, where
the Grateful Dead had a long, at times
outstanding, history at both venues here,
Giants Stadium and the Brendan Byrne
Arena (aka Meadowlands Arena, aka the
current Izod Center). The band performed
30 times at the Meadowlands, with a
nearly-even split between indoor and
outdoor shows, 14 at Giants Stadium and
16 in the Arena.
The setlists to these shows keep getting
better, with virtually every night offering a
taperís dream list. The first set opens with
what used to be one of my favourite
Grateful Dead show openers, Touch of
Grey, which then fell into the always-fun
Pride of Cucamonga.
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The Dead: Izod Center Meadowlands, NJ - April 29 2009

A collection of random images from the archive
Another great weekend with Scott, Steve,
Jordan, Jack, Ellen and so many others. It
was amazing to see so many KCCNY and
AMC paddlers out on the river at the same
time. With just under 2' of water on the
guage and beautiful weather Swimmers
was playful and friendly. Scott, Steve, and
Cameron checked out the rumored surf
wave below the take-out and it is
reportedly worth the hike back up to the
shuttle bus.

Note to who ever walked off with my shorts
but left the wet booties at the take out ... I
hope you get crabs.
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Lower Yough - Ohiopyle, PA - Memorial Day Weekend 2009
The Icelands highway is a stretch of
highway through the otherwise remote
Canadian Rockiy Mountains of Jasper and
Banff Nation Parks.

Thank goodness this land is being
protected. This is a remote, harsh,
beatuful, enticing, unforgiving place ....
sprinkled with the most friendly of folk, ahe!
Driving the Icelands Highway: Banff to Jaspar, May 17-18 2009
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Cedar Creek - May 30th 2009
Twisting and turning through the Pine Barrens near Toms River NJ, Cedar Creek, starting in Double
Trouble State Park is a beautiful run that is perfect for beginningers and those looking for a laid back
day. We sure had a good time. Aftewards Brett and I drove up to the Adirondaks to his cabin in
North Creek. We stopped in Kingston to coax Steve to come along eventhough Jordan and Scott
couldn't make it. On the way up the Thruway we engorged ourselves at Bomber Burrito in Albany. On
Sunday, Steve and I kayaked the Indian and Hudson with impromtu paddling partners Pierre and
Peter. WIth 6' of water on the guage the river demanded our full attention so I didnt take any pictures
... sometimes it is good to leave a reason to return.
I will return!
Lower Shohola Creek - June 14 2009
Steve McLuckie takes his personal photographer along
This is an under-appreciated run. I just wanted to put that out there at the start. While there's no
single feature that stands out, this river offers such a variety of water. You'll encounter everything from
placid pools from which to watch birds, beavers and water fowl to class IV rock slides in deep box
canyons and gorges. We putin at Dead Mans Pool which is below the falls and avoids the more
difficult water in the upper box canyon. Dead mans pool is so named as the place to catch those of
ill-fated attempts at the upper box.
Pocono Steep Creekin' below for photos of us running the falls and upper box).

The beginning of the 10 mile
run starts with a very creeky
continuous boulder garden
with a decent gradient ...you
can feel the tilt on the narrow
channelized river. After about
a mile of this you end up in a
marshy flat section that is
chocked fulll of wood. Wood is
a concern throughout the run.
We only encountered a few
necesary portages, but
ducked under and scraped
over a lot of other wood in this
area. From here the river
meaneders along slowly
picking up speed over several
miles untill you are again
breezing along in nice bouncy
class II+ water.
Hang on however, the run ends with a series of escalating rockslides in a pool drop box canyon.
by Andrew Ludke
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The Big Ditch
Rafting and Kayaking 290 miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon

The really is no way to communicate the intensity of an experience like this. Not only were we
immersed in the gothic complexity of the most fantastic geological, architectural, archeological,
spectacle on earth, we were confronting big water rapids of varying intensity and difficulty on a daily
and often hourly basis. But still, it goes further than that...
I slept on a cliff edge below Anasazi grain storage caves that are hundreds of feet above the river.
But still, it goes further than that....
Adams Creek
Dingmans PA 7-25-09

What's more fun than a waterfall and a
rope swing? Dave Colosi and I hiked up
Adams Creek ... I wanted to scout the
kayak run. Some kids had just hung a new
rope swing in front of the last big drop. We
each took a few plunges before continuing
up the steep loose trail and cliff. Ella
proved herself to be quite the rock climber
and swimmer, I had to provide some
support up and down the nearly vertical
trail while holding onto roots and rocks but
Ella made it all the way.
Pond Eddy to Sparrow
Delaware River 7-26-09

The threat of bad weather couldn't deter
us and in the end it turned out to be be a
great day. We saw four bald eagles; the
most I have ever seen in a single day. We
paddled by a tree with an eagles nest in it
noticing that there was one eagle in the
nest and an adult and a young eagle on
the branches nearby keeping watch.
Beerkill Creek
Ellenville, NY 8-2-09

With mother nature providing the
lubrication, every creek was running swiftly
this weekend. Wayne, Cameron, and I ran
the Beerkill on Sunday. It's a supper
beautiful run that feels remote and
innaccessible. The cost of that feeling are 2
class 5+ portages. The ground was
seeping water making the steep loose
gorge a very difficult place to carry a creek

Thanks for the pics Cameron.
Most accidents happen off
the river ...Doh!
Neversink River putin 8-2-09

Had I already been wearing a helmut the
pipe I ended up head-butting on the river
bank while getting my gear together would
have been nothing but a glancing blow ...
instead, four hours and four stiches later I
get to hear about Wayne and Cameron
fun high-level run of the Neversink.

Yes I am jealous.
Gov't Mule
Welmont Theater 8-5-09

Warren Haynes and Gov't Mule played for
more than 3 hours at the Welmont Theater
on Wednesday night. Talk about living out
a dream, Warren Haynes is also touring
with The Dead and The Allman Brothers
this year. He's clearly channeling the
musical spirit of his former mentors. With
two encores it was a stompin good time.
Dad kayaks the Yough
Ohiopyle State Park, 8-14-09

Dad kayaked the Youghiogheny River
over three successive days this weekend.
While he's a little sore and waterlogged,
he's even more determined to improve his
kayaking skills. As the rivers get harder
there's more incentive to stay upright and
in control.
Who else can say they took up whitewater
rafting and kayaking in their late sixites
and got to raft 300 miles of the Grand
Canyon and kayak rivers like the Yough ...
go Dad!
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Indigo Girls
With Michelle Malone
and Special Guest Jill Hennessey

It was a surprise to find Jill Hennesesey on
stage at the Indigo Girls concert Friday
night. She had met them a few days
before while performing at Mountain
Stage. Jill owns a tavern near my office.
They serve great pulled pork sandwiches
with carmelized onions and of course cold
beer ... oops off subject.
Anyway the concert was just great ... the
Tarrytown theater is simply an awesome
place to see a show.
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Teluride Blues & Brews
Telluride, CO
September 15, 2007

Hangin with Pete
The Subdudes
Tarrytown, NY 12-4-09

These dudes were not subdued. The
drummer looks so minimal with his
tambourine and almost invisible hand/foot
triggers but the rythm is downright fierce at
times. The groups croons with awesone
four part harmonies and let me tell you
about the stompin guitar and accordian.
What a fun group. See them if you can
...buy there CD's.
Before the show Phil, Connie, Dennis, and
I ate dinner at the wine bar next
Mike did we tell you we hung out with
Bonnie Raitt ???
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The Bad Plus - Villiage Vanguard NYC : 12-29-09
Walking in at the last minute we were seated in the only remaining seats which were at the bar in
the back of the room; yet there's not a bad seat in the place. While it seemed that it took a bit for
them to get warmed up and communicating with each other, they were tight and inventive for the
reminder of the set.
Lake Placid - Full Moon Ski Party
It was -18deg F when we awoke on Saturday morning at Highland Cottage. Connie fixed a warm
western eggs breakfast and we bundled up for the cold. After stopping in town to add to our
already multitudinous layers of clothing, It warmed to -7 and the sky was clear blue. Before
sugar-coated mountain tops we watched sled dogs relish in the cold. Around midday we headed
over to Cascade XC Ski Center. Once geared -up we stuck to the green trails long enough for
Daisy and Connie to gain some control of the skiis.

After each break to warm ourselves with soup or cider a marked improvement in skill and
confidence was universally observed. We skied till dusk before the long shadows of a setting
winter sun chased us back to our cozy micro-cabin. Once inside Connie and Daisy prepared our
pasta dinner while Madeleine Peyroux serenaded us into a deep state of relaxation, comfort, and
warmth. It was so serene we were in serious danger of never making it back to the ski center for
the main event ....the Fullmoon Ski Party. With four heavy heads fixed by four Starbucks double
shot expresso I pulled drinks from the fridge we were back on track and ready to party. We skiied
under a flash-light full moon out to the first campfire and keg of beer. A couple of locals had
brought their guitars and were pickin and strumming their way through familiar tunes (This is the
first time I have witnessed sub-zero guitar pickin). We found some cups and helped ourselves at
the Keg. The beer froze in the plastic cups as fast as you could drink it. We eventually made our
way another mile or so along the trail to the second staged campfire and keg of beer before
heading into the lodge for live music and dancing. Sunday started slow but we made it to Saranac
lake to see the building of the Ice Castle. We lunched with Carol and David Vosler before getting
a tour of bluseedstudios, Carrol's work of love. It is an awesome and inspiring place. She has
really put something special together here.
SuperBowl 2010
Kel's Diner, Dallas
Thanks to Jeff Dufrene and his family I
was not homesick on SuperBowl Sunday.
The party at Kel'd Diner with Jeff, Jerry,
Catherine and their whole gang of friends
and family was awesome. The band
conglomerate was great. The horn section
played "When the Saints Go Marching In".
They jammed on "Mustang Sally" and
other blues standards during breaks. They
really added so much to the spirit of the
evening. The after party included more of
the same with catfish and gumbo, ribs and
spicy chicken, not to mention the fixin's
and deserts; I was happy as a .....well lets
just say I was livin large and lovin it all?
House of Blues - Dallas

Thanks to Jerry and Catherine and their
friends and family I was out seeing a great
Rock and Roll show. I arrived an hour late
having been held up at the jobsite, but I
drove fast on my way into downtown
Dallas and arrived just in time to see, in
it's entirety, the 'Halestorm' set and all of
the 'Theory of a Deadman' show, more
than an hour and a half of music .

Lzzy Hale has incredible stage presence
with an electric psychodelic sexual rock
style that I found entrancing. The band
members are from Red Lion, PA... fellow

Theory of a Deadman
Having reached #1 on the rock charts with
"Bad Girlfriend" these guys played a tight
set. I really liked the light show too. Its so
much fun to photograph.
All these pictures were taken with a Casio
consumer grade camera while holding it
with one hand high above my head. The
place was pulsing and well you can see
that energy in some of these pics.
The Raquette
Conquer or Carnage : 9-5-09
I drove up with Wayne. It was the weekend
of the Beaver and Raquette releases. Last
year I had a great time on the Beaver and
had heard of the infamous Raquette. I told
Wayne I wanted come along to take
pictures and to boat if I was feeling bold.
I never got into my kayak that day. We slept
on the rocks below the dam and were
scouting the river when the water of the
scheduled dam release started to ramp it
up. Raquette Falls is a very intimidating
place and I watched one boater after
another swim out of the hole at the bottom of
the falls confirming my good decision to
focus on photographing that day.
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Ice Castle
Saranac Lake, NY
1-31 & 2-20
I only only attended Winter Carnival in
Saranac Lake once back in 1988, but it
was a super good time and I have strong
memories that have drawn me back.
David Vosler was helping to re-construct
the castle after a warm spell damaged the
previous work. It's awesome to see the ice
cutting and careful work that goes into
assembling the castle. We also visited
BlueSeed Studios, Carol Vosler's labor of
love. It's an inspiring place that's a
testament to Carol's energy and strength
of character not to mention her art and
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Skiing Mt Von Hoevenberg
Lake Placid & Saranac Lake
2-19 & 2-21
Back with my posse of kayakers and open
boaters. This weekend we concentrated on
frozen white water while skiing the trails at
Mount Von Hoevenberg. Jordan and I arrived
at 4am having left Peekskill at 11:30pm
following the Tommy Emmanuel concert.
Sundays 9 mile black diamond run of the outer
loop was a good challenge for me and I was
thoroughly exhausted afterwards. Driving
home we found Charles and Sozanne stuck on
the side of the road. We stuffed gear as tight
as possible and made room for 1-1/2 people
in the back ... it may not have been confortable
but they agreed it was better than standing in
the bitter cold on the side of the road.
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Snowicane 2010
36" of Snow - Dingmans Twp, PA
2-27 & 2-28
With our original plans of driving to Vermont
for a full moon ski at Prospect mountain
dashed to bits by a seemingly endless
supply of snowflakes falling from the sky,
Daysi, Peter and I drove out to PA only to
find waiste deep snow and not a plow in
sight. We trudged laboriously through the
snow to the house and while Peter and
made a second trip out to the car Daysi
cleared the porch ... and bruised her leg. We
slept in Staurday, had a hearty breakfast,
and headed over to check out Big Bear Ski
Area . With 48" base and all this fresh snow
it couldn't have been better. By Sunday
afternoon Daysi was snowboarding the
entire mountain.
Pequannock River
Butler NJ
We ran the Pequannock river in Butler and
Bloomingdale NJ yesterday afternoon with
Cameron, Wayne, Rob, and local boaters
Joe and ? (Shit I forgot his name already). It
had just dropped below flood stage so the
water was a few feet into the trees on each
side of the river. There were just enough
small eddies to keep it somewhat
interesting. It was fast and continuous Class
III run at 600cfs. I would venture to bet that it
was a different beast last weekend when the
river was flowing at more than 3000cfs.
Houses that are typicall on the shore would
have made some interesting river features.
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Tohickon Creek
Sping Release 2010
3-20 & 3-21
It's been a joke among some of my friends
that I had never once run the Toh. Tohickon
Creek is one of the more popular class 3+
runs for local boaters in NJ and Eastern PA.
It is a right of passage in some ways. All my
friends have run it numerous times but I have
never made any of the dam releases and
whenever it had natural flow I was paddling
something that one or another friend thought
would be better or supposedly harder to
bag. I paddled the Raymondskill for the first
time last year during the spring release. Well
I finally made it. The river is fun and has
some good play spots. I'll be back.
Sprite Creek

Dave Brucas puts together an Adirondacks
rivers trip every spring and we stay at a Boy
Scout Camp ... 30+ kayakers broken into
two groups (ClassIII and Class IV rated) all
sharing 1 or 2 cabins. The group scouted
some runs on Thursday and ran, the Otter
and the Independence on Friday. I hooked
up with them later Friday and we ran Sprite
Creek on Saturday and then headed back to
camp for salmon steak dinner, campfires,
music and cheer.
Catskill Creek

As predicted that morning, and after leaving
the Adirondacks, we found more water in the
Catskills. The phenomenal 5ft snow fall that
blanketed the entire area still completely
covered the higher ranges. It was warm and
the snow was melting bring up Catskill
Creek to a super playable level. This river
has a section called disney land as it's a
long section of ledges that creat one wide
play hole after another. We could have 6
boats out surfing at the same time. No
waiting in an eddy for your turn at the wave
10 Years to Bloom

I moved into my house in Milford PA a little
more than 10 years ago and that first spring
my ex-father-in-law came to visit from
Nothingham UK and he helped us plant a
Wisteria against the front of the house. Over
the first 5 years we made some attempt to
train it up the lattice I had built, but eventully
we let it have a mind of ts own and it has
grown tall and thick...the base stem is 5"+
diameter now. Over the ten years it has
certainly grown, but never bloomed untill last
year when it got a few dangling flowers. This
spring however the Wisteria has exploded
into a shower of flowers. A lesson in
patience...It was worth the wait.
Midnight Mountain Biking
Steve called and said he had bought some rechatgable LED light that mount on his bike helmut so he
can mountainbike at night. When he first told me this i kind of laughed at him as it sounded so absurd.
A few minutes later after Steve had said he can't get anyone else to go and i could tell he was a bit
apprehensive about going alone he talked me into a midnight ride. We met at his house at 10PM and
made sure we had teh gear awe needed and that the bikes were tuned and setup well. The beginning
2.5 miles of the trail in Promised Land Park was easy wide fire road which eventually turned into a fairly
easy single track through woods with low brush. The trail was narrow, but with few significant obstacles,
but eventually we found hardwer trail running through mud bogs, stream beds, dry washes over stumps
and trees and boulders. There's a balanced to be acheived when mountain biking. You need to go fast
enough so that you have enough momentium to plow over or through obstructions...otherwise you stall
or go over the handle bars, but if you go to fast pobstructions come up to quick and you don't have the
reaction time. Riding at midnight through the woods is certainly dark. wearing a high intensity head
lamp that porovides a 15' diamter ring of visibility means that everything that's outside this ring is
absolutely black by contrast. So there's that catch during the day it's easier to balance these 2 needs,
but at night obstructions comeinto that 15' circle of light quickly and if you go to fast there;s just no time
to react so hyou need to go a little slower, but not so slow that you stall. OK it was really fun and thrilling
and difficult and i fell several times with my shoes clipped into the pedals so i checked the ground ...
Wheel be riding at midnight again.
A 6
U /
S 19

Ricketts Glen State Park
Red Rock PA
Comprising 13,050 acres in three
Pensylvania counties (Luzerne, Sullivan and
Columbia counties) Ricketts Glen State
Park is highlighted by a series of densely
spaced waterfalls, each cascading through
one of two rock-strewn gorges . The highest
of the 22 named waterfalls is the 94-foot
Ganoga Falls. There's also old growth
timber and diverse wildlife. The full loop hike
is 7.2 miles if hiking both the upper and
lower sections. Of course with this many
water falls the hike ascends and descend a
lot of gradient. Bring strong legs and a good

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Ocracoke Island, OBX NC
8-28 to 9-4 2010
Dennis and Connie make it a yearly ritual to
visit Ocracoke Island late August each year.
They have managed to reserve the best
house on Silver lake, furnished with boat
dock, fish cleaning stand and views to die
for. I feel real fortunate to have been invited
to share this with them. We caught Blue's
and Dog Fish sharks. Knowing that Class IV
Hurricane Earl was a threat we tried to get
in as much activity as possible before the
manditory evacuation was announced on
Wednesday. We dragged our feet getting off
the island and ended up in Nags Head for
the night. We flew my new 2.5meter power
kite on the beach that evening waiting to see
what the storm would do. Thursday morning
with our Ocracoke vacation in ruin we
headed inland to Winstom Salem to visit
Debbie and Glenn.
A Visitors Finds Herself

I woke up this morning to find a doe and
fawn munching away in my garden. When I
saw them I locked Ella in the house and went
out on the porch hoping to scare them off; so
I could let Ella out. The Doe jumped the 6'
fence but the fawn couldn't. While Mom
nervously waited nearby I tried to help the
fawn to escape the fence and Ella.
Eventually, I sort-of herded her over to the
corner where the fence is damaged and she
eventually found here way through to be
reunited with her releived mother.
1918 to 2010
Mario Batalli Party
and other pics.

Dennis and Connie throw
many fun parties, but this
one was super cool as we
each made dishes from the
Mario Batallli cookbook and
then served our each other
our dishes. It was all super
delicious. Daysi, MIke,
Kenny and Tembe all
participated. We sampled
different wines with each
course and ended the
evening with .... what else
but Music.
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Pharaoh Saunders
Birdland 4-7

Saw this great show, with Steve Mishoe and
Dave Colosi. Pharoah Saunders is getting
up there in age but he can still really drive a
tune through his horn. His entire band was
super hot . While the first set was good the
second set made it seem like a warm up, It
was night and day. The second set
absolutely smoked.
Birdland is a cool venue. Its small enough
that everyone has a reasonably good seat .
We managed to move right up front for the
second set, close enough to be showered
by saxophone spit.
Biking to Piermont NY
Daysi and I had been talking about riding
from work up to Piermont and also up the
rail trail further toward the TZ bridge. We
finally got out for a ride this Saturday and
then afterwards ended up at dinner and a
movie. It was windy and chilly and Daysi had
not really prepared for the cold. We started
on trail at the very beginning near Oaktree
Rd and turned around after stopping in a
dirty bodega with freaked out homeless guy.
Esopus River Slalom
Phonecia NY

I decided to go to this KCCNY Sponsored
event at the last minute as Dad wanted to go
too. I ran the river on Saturday and
participated in the down river race and
games ... I came in 2nd in my class for he
down river race. After setting up my tent it
started to pour and a river ran through my
tent soaking my sleeping bag. I woke up
cranky, wet and miserable and went home.
The Esopus is the least interest of the Rivers
we run.
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An ominous scavenger
watching over

Came into my yard today to find these
vultures perched high up on a dead tree
scanning the yard for prey. They are ugly yet
amazing at the same time. I love watching
them stretch their wings.
Blooming Grove Trail 7-3-10
An overgrown trail with indications that we might not be so welcome. I have heard stories that
Blooming Grove Creek is also off limits as it passes through a private hunting and fishing club. I haven't
checked into this yet however, but i am of the beleif that all waterways are public resources just as is a
public road that passes through private property . Case law in NY is clear, but I am not so sure about


Visit http://www.3dlit.org

Quadding PARTY
Ludke Compound, Dingmans PA

Rob wanted to host a Quadding Party at my
house. Why not I'm hardly ever there anyway
and its such a fun place I need to have more
parties here.
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The Big Ditch Photo Book
I finally finished editing and arranging all the photo's from this incredible trip. You can view the book
online here. Amazing isn't it? This is one of the reasons to like technology. Not only can I publish my
own hardcover books but I can buy one off copies and even make them available to friends through my
online book store. You can preview the entire book online.
"Yoknapatawpha", a Chicasaw term that translates
roughly as " water runs slow through flat land"
Mt Tamany
Delware Water Gap, NJ

This was Carin's idea and it was a good
one. In the Worthington State Forest, rising
1200 feet within 1.8 miles the hike to the top
of Mount Tamany is a climb, or at least a
crawl or scramble .... certainly requiring
some huffing and puffing. Eventhough the
view of the Delaware Water Gap and River
is compromised by busy Route 80 it's still
worth the hike. The grafitti on the rocks
remind you that you aren't that far out of the
suburban/urban density of NJ, but you are
certainly out and above it here. It takes just a
few hours and it's not bad exercize to boot.
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West River, Jamaica VT

Jordan and Steve have continued the
tradition of combining the Fall West River
Festival with an autumn run of the Indian and
Hudson Rivers. I brought the camera along
but forgot my watershed bag so i only took
shots after getting off the river. I also didn't
make the Sunday trip on the Indian and
Hudson as I was not feeling well Sunday
morning, The good new is there's 5 days of
rain in the forcast ... next weekend could be
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Hornbecks Creek
Dingmans Ferry, PA

You would never suspect what goes on
below when you see docile Hornbecks
Creek from the putin road, but this is the
jewel of the Poconos Steep Creeks. It
descends 242ft per mile over the 1.8 miles
that is considered the run and 370 fpm at its
steepest section. With numerous small
runable drops and more than a few larger
runnable drops of 20' - 40+'
Hornbecks doesn't require a lot of water to
lube it up for creeking. In fact, too much just
as too little is a concern. The largest drop,
Indian Ladders, as its known to hikers, or
Goliath as its known to kayakers, is seldom
if ever run, but I am told it has been run ... it
had to be painful.
Starting with "Bobby's Falls" and "Left Turn,"
moving through "Let the Good Times Roll",
"Twist and Shout", "Slot Machine", "Sliding
Board Falls" the river wind to an end with
"Entrance" (of all things) which drops you
onto 'Davids Falls' a multi-pitched steep
slide dropping a total of 40-50 feet into a
beautiful deep pool. The lead in over the first
ledge undermined many a good intention
and we saw kayakers running this
backwards and sideways but always upright.
This is worth hiking even if you are not a
boater. The trail is reasonably well
Tommy and Wayne Run
Shohola Slide and Gorge
Shohola, PA

By now, they have spent the last three nights
at my house while daily throwing down the
gnarlz on the local creeks. I have gotten to
know Tommy on and off the river. He's an
impressive dude who is hucking huge
waterfalls in an open canoe yet still walking
a drop or two when its not feelin right to him.
He ran what we assume to be a first decent
on Adams Creek in a open canoe on
Thursday. Last night he and Wayne
miraculously patched up the huge whole in
the bottom of Tommy's boat with a plastic
"No Parking" sign. His knee finally went
through the bottom of the canoe on Hackers
Falls on the Raymondskill on Saturday. The
patch job might sound like a joke but there's
no doubt that it will get him through a few
more runs which was certainly questionable
when I saw what his plan was. I have to hand
it to him he made it happen with a workable
but totally crude patch that cost only a few
dollars at the hardware store and only
required turning my kitchen in to a make shift
boat repair facility ... the art studio was too
BTW, the weather has been cold, 20
degrees this morning, and the cliffs at
Shohola are beginning to get iced up.
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Squirrel in the Studio
So on Saturday after Thanksgiving, I have a
house full of friends and one of them wants
to see the studio. I haven't been upstairs to
the wood shop in weeks and when we got
up there we found that several squirrels had
moved in weeks ago and made beautiful
homes for themselves between the ceiling
beems. They chewed through the soffits,
through the walls, the ceiling; sheetrock and
insulation are all over the floor and worst of
all you can see right out to the blue sky while
standing in the woodshop. They chewed four
large holes right through the ridge vent. My
insurance company was nice enough to
explain to me that a sqirrel is a rodenty and
so not covered by my homeowners policy
...if it was a racoon they'd cover it.
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" Sorry Mr Ludke, we'll photocopy page 14 of your
policy and send it to you ...glad we can be of help.
Thank you for sending us thousands of dollars for 11
years while we continue to do nothing for you."
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Conroe, Texas
10-24 to 10-29 2010

Commissioning a smart home control
system while sitting in a fat leather chair in
the billiard room was not the worst time I
ever had at the job. With the house perched
at the tip of the island I had panoramic views
of Lake Conroe. The week included difficult
long days but the surrounding had a way of
temperring it.
Broadhead Creek
& Scoutting the Raymondskill

It has rained and the creeks are up ... didn't
get too many pics this time, but here's yet
another Pocono Creek worth dropping into.

Afterwards Curt, Carin, Jordan and I drove
up to the Raymondskill and they stayed over
for the night ... we were going to run the
Shohola on Sunday, but the Knee High was
Raging. We scouted the Raymondskill
before dusk and it was running high at 3.5
on the new stick guage ... correlates to fully
covering the foundation of the bridge.
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The Mighty Lehigh

With Record Rainfalls, a lot of water behind
the dam, and yes, more rain predicted they
were dumping more than 4000 cfs from the
dam. Add to that the natural flow from
tributaries and the Mighty Lehigh River was
way up. We ran 23 miles of river from White
Haven to Jim Thorpe in 4 hours riding huge
6' wave trains and dodging the occasional
hole along the way.
My Most Loyal Friend
Ella turned 11 this past fall

Ella turned 11 this past fall and for a larger
breed 11 years makes her an old dog. You
wouldn't know it at first glance as she has
maintained that beautiful black and cream
colored coat, but she moves a bit slower
and more stiffly at times. Yet even now she
is still able to get up and bolt after a squirrel
or woodchuck; yet she is less likely to catch
them. Anyone who has spent anytime with
Ella and me will recognize that stare she
gives me when she is running out of
patience and wants to go home. She
certainly know how to communicate her
desires. She is still willing to do anything
including climb shear cliffs if I tell her its ok. I
couldn't ask for a more loving and loyal
friend. This is the start of a tribute to her.
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Ella had a sister who died in 2006, Billie was also an
awesome dog so I would like to celebrate her as well ...
even though she has been gone some time.
Ella wants that Squirrel
Flirting With Disaster
Running the Raymondskill at Dusk
With just enough time before dark, and after leaving the takeout of Hornbecks, Jeff, Justin, and Wayne
ran the Raymonskill. Deja Vu, after a long side surf above "Flirting with Disaster" Jeff fired it up ... the
drop defies logic and because of this it seems to have a magnetic pull on kayakers imagination. The
run was cut short when dark descended on a cold swim below the flake drop.
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